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Hi! So at level 1, there was this bug when I pressed [SHIFT] + [W] it didn't go up? Sometimes it did go up but there are other times where it didn't.


Good game.

So much creativity in gameplay, and really beautiful art. I really wish this game was more, I don't know, told a story or was something more than its fun puzzles. It's just me, it's just that the gameplay is too good. Beautiful work

The production quality of your games is next level. Reminds me of the Kirby aesthetic but so clean.

I had great joy from playing your game, good job

Incredibly fluid movement I love this

Very challenging but rewarding. Music and Graphics are great. I really hope this turns into a big release at some point since the quality is quite clearly there.

The game is really good, quite challenging, and good design. If this game goes to Steam, I hope to be able to customize enemies and laying blocks. I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.


This will be a hit if this was a mobile game. Very addictive!

Sometimes get frustrated by the character grabbing the wrong block and either making a state unwinnable or just falling in a pit. Really fun game.

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oh my god this is amazing

AND you got routt for the soundtrack? godly

this is the highest honor i can give you as someone who's nonbinary:

this game is very gender

keep it up!

level 1-10 got me


i feel this like a bit mission in snwdriftland like music in the menu. BUT THIS IS A AWESOME GAME DUDE!!! SO WHAT???



amazing could you make more levels?

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Just beat it. Pretty challenging, little and amazingly fun game! Just one question... Why the f**k you don't sell it on steam???? Just do it! You, guys, deserve some money for such a great job!

omg can't pass level 1, rip skills lmao. great game

This was such a challenging game. It was addictive, the movement was really smooth and it was really fun with all the different kinds of mobs and blocks.
I had a lot of fun playing this! (There were a few levels were I could place the block on the wall, I don't know if that was intentional)

I liked it! Great art, music, sound. I'm not good at puzzles, so I didn't get very far, but the physics of it were fun to jump around in throwing blocks all over, even if I couldn't get past level 3.

Olmec got me good.

why the hell did you make level 2-7 so god damn difficult

Awesome game! Well polished. I would seriously consider using the UP arrow for jumping though, makes it far more intuitive than it is now. But, really good and original concept.

It's really cool! I like your ar


the game should have a level creator, you should add it and make that you can only use it if you complete the gam

Hi, I'm back, I know I said in my last comment I didn't get very far, although, like I also said, I loved the game, so I tried my best to get used to the controls, and I just wanted to let you know there's a glitch that lets you climb walls (and also break the game), if you use one of the long unbreakable blocks, you can clip it through the wall if you're throwing it downwards and you're as close to the wall as possible, then the game resets it's position to one block higher than it was before, so you can keep repeating this over and over again, which can cause a lot of other weird bugs and glitches, for example, and the reason why I'm telling you this, is after beating a level using this glitch, for some reason in the next level, the audio broke somewhat and the player was nowhere to be found, they were probably inside the wall is my guess. Enemies also clipped into the block sometimes, although that didn't happen as often, either way though, this glitch kinda broke my game, I'm not even sure if closing it will fix it, guess I'll find out later though. I wasn't sure if you guys were interested in continuing development for the game (which I think definitely think you should), but, if you are, you'll probably want to take a look at that.

Okay, I just checked, it's the level that's broken, the other glitch I mentioned was unrelated, when I try entering The Precipice, the player won't spawn like I said, and the other weird glitches happen too 

there has been a fix for the precipice bug! try redownloading the game :)

the updated build also fixes some oversights which may make your experience less difficult

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  Just saw this and you should make a #2 and make it into a lvl also its still there

Thanks, I'll try that

You use a lot of words ;-) Good words, but just a lot of them :-P

This is so well done, I couldn't stop playing. The concept is fantastic, and gameplay scales fairly. I appreciated the different stage and enemy designs. Awesome job for a weekend project!

another amazing game, congratulations to the whole team


its like making a game revolving around the big boo battles of super mario world, which use blocks in the terrain.


I really loved the game. The art, the soundtrack and the gameplay. The game works fine. The only problem is the controls. Bad choice. Could at least let's define the controls by ourselves.


i've got a knack for grabanakki!!!!

great music and graphics

It's crazy how polished your games are, yet you only work on them for a very short amount of time. Congratulations on an awesome new game :)

Oh my gosh, this game is awesome. The variety of enemys, the challenge of balancing using too many blocks and falling to your death vs getting killed by enemies.


Pretty darn cool


hell yea its great


I really loved the game! although, I personally am used to arrow / WASD keys and spacebar setup, for me, the controls of the game felt too awkward for me to get past level two, would you consider making an option in the settings for personalized control setup for your future games? (or maybe this one, although I assume you don't feel like releasing updates for this) I would have had a much easier time playing if I could use the up arrow key for jumping and the down key for grabbing blocks. Although, again, I really liked the game, I just wanted to give you guys feedback with my thoughts, other than the controls, this is like one of my favorite games ever.

I logged in to ask this:
How would you throw up and down?

you how the top or bottom arrow key while pressing shift to throw

So you wouldn't be able to throw up without jumping?

So, at least the last time I played (they have updated the game since then so they might have changed the control scheme), the controls were, spacebar to jump, shift to throw, shift+up arrow keys to throw up, shift+down arrow keys to throw down, and of course left and right arrow keys moves you left to right.


this was awesome!!! totally something i would buy for the switch!


Team Winulon

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