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this game is really fun!

I tried to beat 3-13 with the first tile type being empty. I did it :)

this is such as good game

amazing game yet again by team bugulon. last game was so annoying but the satisfaction is surreal.. 10/10


i rlly like this game!, i hope they added new levels & world soon<33 10/10!!

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Incredible game, but 3-13 Wants to make me throw my computer out the window


I was looking for a good description of how that level made me feel. :)


i loved really good game

more levels plzzz. i've replayed this so many times. really well done!

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I would give this a perfect score but not having the next tile type until you've already started the next set is wrong.

Also, the later levels are just messing with you.

I started to like Team Bugulon a lot. I hope you like this game.

it's very cute

I'm confused, what is the significance of the number on the tiles? Does it mean anything at all for gameplay or is it just a random decoration? 

It helps you to count if you've reached 6 tiles before jumping and making them a specific type I guess.

y'all knocked it out of the park once again congrats

OMGoodness this soundtrack such a bop

Very cute!

Nice game ;)

This is incredibly polished!


This is a very well-made game with some clever puzzles.

That said, I don't like the randomized order of the tile types. I get that the point is to make the player adapt and not follow one solution, but some levels feel like they DO have one solution, and you're out of luck if you get the wrong tiles. I'm convinced that 3-13 is impossible unless you get very lucky with the right order of tiles.

Basically, the puzzles need to be much more forgiving if you want them to actually have multiple solutions.

But the graphics and sound are great! It doesn't look or feel like a game jam game at all.


Soooo fun!

This was such a fun game. I really like having to try and plan out where you flip the platforms. Great job! 

Brilliantly executed

amazing game

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Classic Team Bugulon experience. Great main mechanic, lots of levels for a game jam game (spread out over 3 worlds), the game is just generally very fun to play, and on top of that, a catchy soundtrack! Just like the other Team Bugulon game jam games, if I paid like 20€ for a full-length indie game with this mechanic on the Switch eShop, I wouldn't think twice about this originally being a game jam game. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

yet another really cool game by Team Bugulon. I really like how this one turned out, it is very fun and hard. A good puzzle platformer.

I love it!!!  
This game is hard, and I haven't been able to finish it, but the way the levels are set up as puzzles that change every time makes it very addicting!  So even though I may have shouted in frustration a few times, I'll be back to play this game again, because I couldn't get enough!  
The art is cute and the music fun, too!


So creative and fun. Really stretched the theme to fit but in a good way.

The latest in a consistently amazing lineup of games from you guys!

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I loved this game, I spent almost 90 minutes playing you guys' game! I found it fun to learn about the enemies and floor blocks! I loved playing this game! I was actually worried the last level wasn't beatable but I managed to be the game! I thought it was an adorable game that I really had fun with despite my difficulty with the various challenges! I thought the animation of the player growing wings and flying away at the end! This was a great game! Great work! I played it on a mac though would love to see it downloadable option available for the mac IOS!

So nice!
Good job, this was fun to play Insane polish and quality for a 48 hours game

This is great, I would buy this. Would be great for Switch or Mobile. Great artwork, Nitrome style.

cute spring :3 .Good job

a cute game, i like it

u guys blew up violently

This is so cute, I love it!

Overall pretty fun game. The concept is interesting, and the art really looks amazing! Great job.

I'm not a fan of the tile types being attributed at random, as it made the level progression quite uneven for me (some levels were made way too easy or hard that way).

I made it all the way to the last level, that I can't beat. I think it would be more approachable / interesting if we knew what the next tile type would be, as sometimes I jump on a tile and realize too late that I made the level unfinishable because of that (on top of trying to avoid enemies and all). 

the next tile type is shown at the top of the screen

If I'm not mistaken, it's only shown once you jumped / moved to another tile. So my point stands that you can't anticipate it.

At first, I thought the next tile type was simply the one to the right of the type at the top of the screen, but no, it's attributed randomly every time.

I was able to beat the game tho just now :)

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well yes, the idea was that you wouldn't be able to anticipate all oncoming tiles. The game's focus is on adaptation rather than trying to find a single solution, and being able to see even further ahead would have possibly diminished that


I understand the motivation behind that decision and in most cases I think it makes for cool emergent gameplay.

It did make some levels unfinishable after one tiles type change - this problem was very prominent in the last level. I don't know what the solution to that is; maybe you're right and making it so you don't know in advance the next tile is not the solution and would go too much against the idea of the game, but then another solution has to be considered. Maybe it was just that some levels needed a bit more playtesting and would need some other level design or another set of tiles? Idk.

It really was a problem in my experience in the game and it needed fixing. Do with that feedback what you will :)

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Really really good


Team Bugulon absorbed Nitrome's power to rise to the top.

10/10, oustanding quality as usual

You guys really are the bomb. 5/5

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Absolutely beatiful in all aspects, good levels(though sometimes hard), really good music, cute graphics. I loved your game in the last jam too!

You guys are the bomb

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