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An amazing job by the huge team behind this. Mechanics were easy to learn, puzzles were simple yet challenging, and the overall game was fun to play even past the end boss. I can't wait to see what becomes of this game. I would definitely buy a full release of this game. Keep up the good work!

neat game 100/10

nice game

গ্ৰাফিক্স কেইটা ভাল হৈছে, গেম টো ভাল দৰে বনাইছা।

Good work.

This is god!

All hail the rogue spark!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Honestly the most polished pixel art game I've played, HOW did you get all of this done in 48 hrs! A level editor would be nice. Brings me back to the days of Nitrome.

it was a team of ten.

Well earned top 20. Outstanding work.

Brought me back to playing Nitrome games years ago, I really enjoyed all of it. The start of 3-2 has a clever skip to avoid the magnet which confused because it was the first thing I tried, you can also jump up 3 tiles in the robot with enough effort. Almost all of 3-4 can be skipped as well. The bossfight was unexpectedly good given the game's mechanics. All I wish was there had been more puzzles about navigating the robot through purple while dodging it with your cursor, I really enjoyed that concept.

help how do i beat 2-5

Same here


Here is the solution

oh wow i'm kinda smooth brain

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Really good game. I didn't particularly care for the mechanic of the 3rd world (the purple water was ok, but not the ghosts) as it kinda turned many levels into not really a puzzle game but one of reflexes, which makes it pretty inaccessible, which is a shame as puzzle games is one of the most accessible genres. Especially the boss on 3-7 I found completely inaccessible and I stopped playing there. That said, a remarkable game for being made in 48 hours and I think this could be amazing if you wanted to turn it into a full game and added the ability to skip levels that are too inaccessible. Good job.

Don't worry, the boss at the end at 3-7 was the end boss, you didn't miss anything

Amazing game! You could easily put this on steam and charge a few bucks for this, especially with a few more worlds. I loved the way the game developed and it was a charming art style.  Great work.

That was amazing!  I wholeheartedly loved every second of that, from the art and animations, the level designs, all of the new twists and elements introduced.  congratulations and thank you to the team behind it for making just a fantastic little game


Congrats on making top 20 in the GMTK Jam! I wanted to reach out to ask if anyone on the dev team would be interested in participating in an interview about your experience during the jam? Interviews are conducted over Discord and presented live on Twitch.

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it's too hard for me on the last 3 levels (mouse + keyboard + time pressure is a too "explosive mixture"), but this is very good game
- nice style and soundtrack, congratulate :)
ps. mechanics reminds me MO:Astray by Archpray Inc.


I suggest making the floor in the boss room made of the purple tiles that kill you, as the boss can easily be cheesed by holding the spark under the floor

this was actually the case before, it was removed but i dont remember the exact reasoning

The boss is likely too hard with the purple under the floor. It's likely there were many scenarios where you can do nothing just because of how the boss moved and it become a memorization of boss movement rather than you thinking tactically.


this game reminds me of ghost trick on the ds really cool


strange atraction is too har

This is phenomenal!!! There is polish literally everywhere! From the pacing of the beginner levels to the visual design to all the different ideas that are introduced not just stage to stage but level. You even put in a little UI element to help the player move if they stop moving for too long. Seriously, top-class work. 

Great art, great mechanics, great music and sound !


sparknard is  bugulon's best protagonist


I freaking love this! 

this rules and is super awesome


this game fucking rules hard. love the soundtrack, love the gameplay. im still stuck on strange attraction, but i'm having a blast.

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