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Hi, very good job, the pixel art and the animation is almost perfect, the gameplay to, realy good works ! I introduces the game ( in french ) in the last part of this video :

Full package platformer; I've gotten 100% completion twice. It's a delightful experience and is worth its file space in gold.

love it


Awesome game! Really enjoyed playing it!

The movement is simple yet has many uses and complications similar to Celeste which makes this game so fun and rewarding to play and you guys made it in 3 falking days!

But it's not just the controls that are SLICK but all the aspects! Music- groovy and catchy, level desing- challenging, intuitive, some levels are like a puzzle to solve, graphics- majestic pixel art, cool desings and I love da chick spin, + all of it runs smoothly... atleast for me that is.


Btw, 3 world heavily reminded me of the worm level from Spelunky- very similar music, regenerating dumb'os and the feeling of slight discomfort which actually makes it good, not even gonna explain why to those who haven't played yet or who happen to not enjoy the world


Not to sound overenthusiastic but this game was absolutely amazing!!! It's incredible to think that it was finished in such a little time as everything falls right into place. The level design is especially great (24 levels!!!) but the pixel art and audio design feels perfect too. Plus, it can be challenging but is always fair to the player (thank you for the checkpoints!) so honestly i can't believe it's just playable for free. Anyway, thanks to the time because i had a lot of fun!



Just completed the game 100% I'm amazed that it was made in just 3 days, the team is seriously talented. One little thing I would change is regarding the falling speed, the player suddenly falls like a rock making some of the later jumps a bit disorienting, maybe I'm just used to more floaty controls since I've been playing Celeste a lot. Great controls, nice level design, catchy music, this is one I'll definitely recommend.

I liked it but I do wanna point out the code is a bit unoptimised, everytime you die it reloads the entire which is not good for people with old computers

I like mashing drills because somehow i killed 5 enemies in a row

Got that 100%, awesome thing!

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Wow the game so good I liked it very much!! I have Windows but there are some people doesn't have it so can you do it also on Android and IOS and Mac.

Really dope little game. Slick, fun, engaging; these devs know what they're doing. Wish I could chuck you guys a couple of bucks for the game!

This game is pretty sweet.  


loved this game. the soundtrack is drilled in my mind

Good graphics used in this game, loved it.

Good work man.





Super nice graphics and music. The levels are not too hard but not too easy either. Really cool!

Great controls, music, hero, everything!

You will open your way by using a drill and you will kill all the enemies that stand in your way. You just need to jump on it to kill.

Can you use a gamepad or just keyboard?

NV just found out you can and it plays so much better with a gamepad!

Excellent game! It plays incredibly well, it has very few flaws, great job!

There is so much to do, how was this made in 3 days?

Once you understand how it works, moving around is really fun. The levels are challenging, but not so hard that you feel like giving up. Loved it!

This game is really fun and clean. I had fun playing it. Good work.

This game is kind of incredible. It captures an old school arcadey NES-esque charm. Definitely going to keep an eye on this team. 


72 hours WTF you guys are amazing!


I'm going to die before I figure out how to get the golden scarab on 2-4

This is amazing I love this

Such a good game! Has the quality and content of a good old nitrome game. I had so much fun! And music was an absolute banger!

This game is so nice and smooth! Awesome art and design. Really cool game. It is featured on my Week's Top 5!

Check the video!

chirp chirp

Amazing. Love how it was said that the diamonds were useless and i died various times just trying to get it. Amazing entry!


if this doesnt win goty 2021, 2022, and 2023, I will send explosives to Geoff Keighly's home


the best game ever perhaps?


no sorry, that would be this game:


The movement in this is pretty fun. Great game!


This game is actually wonderfully fun and the fact that the feel of the game was able to made so good in such a short time is incredible to me.


game of world