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I was so excited when I saw that there was a sequel to Tricky Keys! Really cool and interesting mechanic, I wasn't expecting the game's gimmick to be totally different this time around but despite that it still feels like a sequel to Tricky Keys :]

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and BTW it does the shimmeys but i dont know how it does the shimmeys

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this is a really weird AI that can be used to beat "donut.exe"the AI that beats "donut.exe"

do I need to explain this?

this is the AI
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great game, I want more levels


Once during pacemaker, I set the AI.code Platforms to max speed the entire duration and managed to clip through them early on. I don't know how this happened but it was very funny and I could still finish so pls don't patch but how did this happen?


Nice Game Pls Check out my game 

Tricky Keys 2 Walkthrough

amazing game 

hard but i like it



This game was really gun! I love the cute running animations, the excellent and tricky puzzles, and the impressive art! I wish that last level was a bit more "bring everything that you have learned together" as you reach out towards the modem, but great game all around!

Totally loved! From the Win98 aesthetic, to the puzzles and coding mechanics as well. A great game!

Muy buen juego. Lo recomiendo


great game, love it.

This was such a fun little game!!!

I can't believe your team made these games in game jams. Amazing job! It could easily be a game with a price tag!

This is a simulation of really advanced computation concepts. I loved it!


fun and all but the controls are atrocious (seriously why not make the up button also the jump button) also the controls for programming the ai leave much to be desired


It is a really interesting concept and it is a nice way to introduce programming as a game!

Absolute BLAST to play, loved the retro aesthetic!

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i am not particularly good at this game, but it is definitely neat; fun, good job


this game is awesome


This is in a different game jam, but I've seen the first game. Wow, now you're collaborating with the virus?

Maybe it's not the virus, I only saw the level select.

Yeah it's just a NEW AI

i saw the first game, and honestly i think the first game is better. more platforming and less coding.


Huh didn't know they made a sequel. Now this is a game that could be expanded exponentially, making the program a 2D in world 2 was intriguing I thought there would be multiple programs or some shit. I appreciate most the levels not being trial and error schlock.

Sadly the Spider from the previous game is not in here, must be because they foresaw what my gooning would cause, likely why they suppressed this from me for 4 months.

the sequel

The game is really fun! The only issue is that the jump sound is too loud on the default audio settings


cool art I made


Love the game, the only thing I don't like is the last level feels way too easy. I wish there was a 3rd world.


trop bien ton jeu!


Is anyone not going to realize the Grabanakki dude looking into the computer on the title screen?!?!?!

oh huh. you're right. cool. 

i saw it too


this is such a fun game!!

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This is so cute! I love how your avatar is a little cursor. This is such a fun idea.

I think the only request I'd have is a slightly more intuitive interface for programming the AI, including maybe a different kind of toggle for turning the program on and off. I don't know why, but my brain just wants to be able to move my little avatar around without the program having to be on. 

But you're really onto something here. Kinda gives me Baba Is You and Robo Rally vibes.




me when coroutines are a gameplay mechanic O:


This game is so charming and fun to play. I like how it introduces the AI assistant and continues to expand it as the level increases. Although I had roadblocks, it is to this game's benefit as the aha moment really hits hard. I feel very rewarded from completing it. Really love this game and actually would like a new set of levels!


Good game. I love the idea. 


cool game, but how do i input things into the ai??


I pressed in the blank boxes space and then again space, to move with the arrows, and to execute enter

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