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The Lunar Nobles have taken the light. infiltrate their facility and take back what is rightfully yours. Use the dark to sneak around and take out your target, though be careful, the cops are right on your tail.


  • 10+ Levels of stealth-oriented combat
  • A handful of enemies and weapons
  • Highly lethal chairs
  • An original soundtrack
  • High quality pixel art graphics


WASD - Move

Left Click - Shoot

Right Click - Throw

E - Pick up


Game design by everyone involved.

The OST can be found here.

atoNement is a stealth-action game made in 48 hours the 38th GM48 Jam, with the theme "60 seconds".

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorTeam Bugulon
Tags2D, gm48, Pixel Art, Stealth


atoNement.zip 8 MB


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Good work...

Where did you made this?

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Hey, great game!

I hope you guys don't mind that I streamed the game and made a video on it! Was super fun, many bruh moments, my favorite level was knife asylum! I'm not a large fan of stealth so I mostly ran around and tried to kill them as fast as possible. Some levels were a tiny bit frustrating but felt very good when I completed them! Love the art, music mega nice, overall very good game! Good stuff.

Big Fan!



sickest game ever made