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Do I have to install this game? When I try to run the unzipped program I get "The procedure entry point WinHttpWebSocketReceive could not be located in the dynamic link library WINHTTP.dll." My guess is this game doesn't work on Win 7?

I'm thoroughly enjoying the game on browser atm.

Min-maxed every hole

It was really hard but I regret nothing

(can you beat these scores?)

Solid game, I really enjoyed playing!

Very cool. Reminds me of Kirby's Dream Course! 

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Nice game! Cool and surprising mechanics

Made a video

Amazing work as always!


how do y'all even keep doing this, are you literal witches

This was a really fun game. You did a great job at making it feel like an old school nes game. Keep up the great work! 

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For some reason, I can't install this. When I click on install it takes me to the usual download dialogue box, but it says 'Select' next to install rather than having the download location. I hope I can get this fixed as I am dying to play this game.

Update: The problem only occurs when I try and download it with the Desktop App. I was able to download it from the website.

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It might be because the platform for the build isn't marked

WOW!, Amazing job, what a great game! You've earned your self a fan!

this was a really great and really well made game!

This game is so great! Bugulon can't miss!!!

Great game.


unrealulon, can't wait for the bugulon full-length game debut

niht bringer

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love it!

another awesome game, i'm always so impressed by what team bugulon produces. Any chance you all are working on a full-length game?

Looks awesome, looking very forward to playing it!