Sling yourself through the air by catching flies with your tongue. Eating several things without touching the ground will score you a combo, so try to stay in the air for as long as you can!

The timer constantly ticks down; you can eat anything to keep it going a little longer, but watch out for ghosts which are lethal to the touch! You can stop bombs from exploding by eating them before they hit the water.


Arrows / WASD
Move, aim your tongue left, right, or up.
Hold Z / Space
Use your tongue (the longer you hold the further it goes!)
X / Shift
Activate your bubble
(if you have it)
Alt + Enter
Toggle Fullscreen
(Windows build only)


Sound Effects
Visual Effects
Additional Art

Game design by everyone involved.

The OST can be found here.

Pullywog was made in 72 hours for Mini Jam 106,
with the theme "Frogs" and limitation "Limited Time".

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(80 total ratings)
AuthorTeam Bugulon
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Arcade, bugulon, emotional-journey, frogs, Pixel Art


Download 12 MB


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Top tier addicting game.

It's so satisfying when you land really long air combos.

Is this available for the game boy?

cute game

Great game!

really fun and addictive.

Nice mini game. I noticed one of the lilies disappearing. Is there a way to get any back? Like from ye occasional shop or something.


Once they're gone, they're gone forever

No, but you can eat the bombs to prevent them from getting destroyed.

Loved it! It was so simple and fun, had a good time trying to beat my own score! Honesty wouldnt mind seeing it turn into a 'bigger' game- one with levels, maybe unlockables, etc, very cool concept!

Reminds me of "Birds and Beans" on the DSI.


Absolutely brilliant little game! The presentation is just top tier. The gameplay loop is really fun and addictive.


just stay up in the air and you will get ridiculous combos



Controller support when

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

What does the bubble do to my frog? Fun action game, though.


This is ADORABLE. Instant favorite!!


This super adorable!! And feels super nice to play! 11/10


I loooove him! It's like I'm playing as Sprig.


People's highscores are both mystifying and motivating to me! Never have I so much wanting diagonal direction keys XD


This has to be the cutest and most addicting browser game I have ever played.


This game is so cute 11/10


oh 358150 i get it


how do you guy so good? 30k is already my best


how, mine is 5.8k


well just get combos

mine is 100k on the dot.




Wow this is kinda impressive, lol.


Wow, awesome score! But how do I upload an image like that one in the comments? I'm not sure how, though.


if you want to upload an image when commenting theres an icon below right

right here


Oh, thanks. Now I know what to do.


Can has online score board?


can get english gooder el stupido bakja


Finally got a score over 700k!


Its a simple game but it is pretty fun!


super addictive. The game plays into very specific needs of wanting to stay in the air and it does so effortlessly well




My favorite game of the competition! Really good, enjoyable! Thanks, I smile a lot!


This game. Is very good. Like... dang. How you make such good game. Please share this information for the rest of us who would like to make good game


Visuals are incredible! Everything about this game is satisfying and fun! Great work!


Great game as always! Tho I thought this was a different game for a sec since there was this rage game also called Pullywog


Looks awesome! Great concept! I had fun playing well done


Super satisfying to play!


totally didn't spend a lot of time making tunes using the menu 


Another great little game!


Incredible work!


very cute and neat