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Music won't play for me, game slowly begins to lag over time which I need to close and reopen the game to make it good again, and random crashing. Beyond that when it is working it's a pretty solid game with nice tight controls. I didn't even know this game had music in it till I saw a video of someone else play it so ya.

very fun i really love this game design of stages and these game 

only problem is need to stop shooting to turn the side


fsr the game won't work: it just keeps on saying press z or space, when i do, it doesn't work the game wont focus.

Yo this game GOATed

Ok no seriously it's actually pretty challenging, I like it!

This game is the GOAT

Very good! Loved the art and character design


ffs this game is so HARD

fun though

good game

Deleted post

Very polished and challenging!

Awwwww! A Cute Little Goat With All Of His Adventures!! Relaxing Nice Prodject😴


I love the art and the concept. I think there needs to be more feedback when you land shots on the enemies. Maybe stun them or push them back a little bit. It would make the impact feel much better and also give the player more options than just jumping over them to escape them. Overall great job! :)


fucking trash




Nice concept and decent follow-through. My only complaint is the fact that you don't turn around while shooting which just messes with me. However, I will admit that this could be a me problem more than the game's. Something to look into nonetheless

nice concept, especially loved the pixel art! kudos to the artists

very good!! it can be difficult without being boring to play

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great game concept and execution! I would love to see a control rebinding option though, as x and space are quite close to each other and I'd like to rebind my jump to something easier to reach.

Hi. I reviewed the game on a Turkish-speaking personal site.

ayo nice game, I liked playing it!


This is a beautiful game similar to a Game Jam game that was played by Pewdiepie called Moonlap that was made to be simple and platform like yours his 'innovative' idea was to change platforms according to the character's movement but ok a yours is great i want to finish without damage i will show you some screenshots later goodbye


Somnokid brings back feelings of playing an old Game Boy Advanced mini-game. With it's Kirby-style artwork and it's very easy and simplistic platformer/shot 'em up gameplay, this game easily brings back the nostalgia of that time.

In Somnokid, you play as a dreamy goat-owl who's trying to wake up with the light of a candle. Each level follows the same premise: in your owl form, you create platforms on a limited timer that, aside from letting you stand on them, creates health, mini platforms, and enemies to fight which increase your owl timer while in your goat form, you must shoot off waves of enemies while staying within a certain distance of a candle that lets you progress to the next level. The game allows you to fly around the screen as an owl which is useful for easily staying away from enemies released from the platforms, while the goat form gives you the standard loadout for platforming (jump, movement, wall jumping). The variety in enemies adds to the gameplay as you are kept on your toes to which enemies do what; no enemy is particularly difficult, but the longer the level lasts, the more you have to shoot down or stay away from.

There was no level in this game that I felt was difficult in terms of reaction time or enemy numbers. In all honesty, this game should give the option of a one-life per level choice because many of the levels can be completed by damage boosting through enemy damage. There are even a good number of levels that can be beaten by simply just dodging enemies as the candle timer is very charitable with how fast it refills. The controls were very intuitive as well: you have your movement, your jumping, and the gun has two types of shooting styles (tap shooting so that you can face sides easier and hold to shoot which makes your character face one side and shoot in that direction while the button is held down); using both of these styles can be crucial at times to keep enemies at bay.

*For anyone who says "honestly not being able to turn while shooting is just such a bad game design descision to make" or "why can't I turn when shooting?", please realize that you can tap to shoot as well*

All in all, Somnokid is a cute shoot 'em up that presents a moderate challenge and a good amount of nostalgia. If you do decide to play this game, keep in mind that every level can be completed in different ways, and some without any combat at all. Take it slow, try new things, and eventually you can wake up from this dream :)

My playthrough:


honestly not being able to turn while shooting is just such a bad game design descision to make




honestly, it lets you shoot while moving the other way so idk


It so hard, ngl, but i can master it so now call me jedi

Extraordinary! ❤️


Cool concept! 


definitely my favourite bugulon game yet
just finished it hitless
keep it up!


Very interesting game, I really like the idea full platform and then fight. Nice work

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Honestly, this has to be the weakest of the bugulon games. Some gameplay choices are just super strange and only bring frustration if anything. Like, why can't I turn when shooting? Why must so many enemies appear in such a little time frame and have such high speeds, if you don't start shooting an enemy the moment it spawns in you're done for. Oh yeah, and the attacks and enemies YOU CANT AVOID. Enemies shouldn't be able to spawn directly on the player. I love team bugulon, this is just plainly un-fun.

I really do enjoy the art style and character designs! Those I love.

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what unavoidable attacks / enemies? i have watched plenty of people play the game already with no such issue


I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. most games don't allow you to turn when shooting like the archer from nobody saves the world, you can avoid the enemy's if your fast enough and have spawned the right platforms and to be honest I really liked this game I give it 4.3/5


Very cool game! I want see more content and Boss battles!


Is this ever gonna be on web?

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yeah i think


it's on web now i did it