Clear level after level of monsters, using the very blocks you stand on as your only weapon. Can you defeat every foe without falling through the shrinking foundation?

Spookynakki is the bone-chilling continuation of Grabanakki, featuring 3 new worlds, a variety of new and returning mechanics, and a completely new OST.


  • WASD/Arrow keys - Move/Aim 
  • Z/Space - Jump 
  • X/Shift - Grab tiles/Throw 
  • Hold Up/W or Down/S to aim your throw. 
  • Esc - Pause 
  • Throw a tile downwards in mid-air for a boost!


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(71 total ratings)
AuthorTeam Bugulon
Made withGameMaker
TagsHalloween, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


Download 10 MB


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omg nc game


Amazing game, my hands hurt tho


Love this game!

The amount of original enemies you've managed to invent off of the main mechanic is incredible! Very well designed. I especially loved the final boss, although it was certainly infuriating at times.

great i love 

finnally i pass the final of level 2 and love the desing of world 3 

Game doesn't seem to be working for me, i'm on a proxy though so that could be the reason but i click on a level and it just puts me in a loading screen but never actually loads


ooow it's a very hard bro, i like this game i will play for hours


very very very hard aaaaaaaaAAaAaaAaaAaAaAAaAa


I just beat the game. AMAZING GAME!!!!! fantastic art style, great gameplay, really hard, but all around great game! 

Awesome game.

Everything is so good and clever about this game! I can't wait to see you team making a bigger game, if it's planned!

I am very glad that another game from this series has been born.I would like you to make a level builder, and then all the fans of your creations will be able to make their own unique additional content right in their favorite game

Cool idea, and a pretty nice amount of enemy variation

Very nice idea and great execution!

always neat to see a new bugulon game

good game


good game. it's like a Gameboy game. I like it!


the game is good, but the controls are ASS


great game!


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spooky sausage

Loved it


played the first one and this one is even better

Pretty cool concept and great art! nice work

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you know I thought this was just a reskin of grabanakki when I first saw it and thank God, I was Wrong because Team Bugulon went out of there way and add new content. 10/10

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This is sooo amazing! I really enjoy playing this!

I was not expecting a grabanakki sequel


love it