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I LOVE this game, I wish there was more.

suburb (great) game

this game is amazing

A lovely platformer!

funny and hard

this game 10/10 in everything


This game is so good!

What a nice game to play, the combat system (the eggs) reminds me a lot of super mario bros 2. Congratulations for the development team!

This is a GREAT platformer! Very smooth, very fun. Thank you!

i won

cool game


Really good. Feels like the Yoshi/Kirby back in the day.
Would have gotten that for gba if it was available.

More secret rooms and more egg powers and it would be perfect. Already good, 12 lvls is a little short though.

I was about to mention that exact thing when I saw this! Loving the Yoshi's Island-esque art style!

I absolutely love this game, I just discovered it today, and WOW! Incredible art, sound, and level design. ✅

After playing quite a few of your games, I really have to say the art style is amazing. It feels so nice to look at while being cozy. The gameplay is honestly pretty fun. Eggs are an amazing source of power.

World 1:


funny thing I noticed: the harder the boss the simpler mechanic required to damage said boss.

first boss: throw an egg at one of it´s projectiles to deflect it back at it, then jump on it. 

second boss: throw three eggs at it, then jump on it. 

third boss: throw one egg at it


i cant find out how to get thorught this door

press w



كيف احملها على الكمبيوتر؟

reminds me of kirby

better than mario

Wholesome and cute game. :D

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got to lob eggs at people, 10/10

This game is awesome :D

good game

cute version of mario <3

Question. Can I reset a save file? If so how? I'm on the web version and trying to speedrun the 100% category which is hard if I don't know which big stars (IDK what the 3 extra things are called)

One thing I need to comment IS THAT I ALWAYS GOT STUCK IN LEVEL 1


Stuck how? Game glitch or you just don't know what to do?

I can't get the eye thingie on the high platform!

You have to jump and shoot an egg down at your feet mid jump. It will launch you higher up.

You will actually need to use this ability more than once through the game.


a few thoughts

the bosses are WAY harder than everything else, especially the last one

a few more checkpoints might be helpful - I often fell in a pit trying to get a secret or something and having to spend ten minutes getting back

huge Yoshi's Island vibes, especially in the first two worlds (not a bad thing AT ALL)

just as polished as the rest of your games! shame this wasn't in a jam.

keep creating team bugulon, you're one of my favorites

kirbys dreamland 3


More like Yoshi's Island actually.

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The final boss was amazing, the effects, the art of the background and the boss itself it was all so well-made, it was truly the final boss.

Well done.



This game is awesome, such superb work :D


I've completed the entire game, all 3 worlds, all 12 levels, all three bosses AND all the secrets. I can safely say that this is the best game I've played on itch so far! The concept and art is beyond cute and the difficulty is progressively hard. The best thing about this game is the fact that THERE ARE NO BUGS! This game is really well polished and as a former game developer, making a bug free game is rly difficult... I'm truly impressed by your work! Other than that, I do have some suggestions. The last world- Ecto-Bayou is kind of difficult, especially the end boss, which is understandable since its the last world after all, but you should add a way to change difficulty (easy, hard). that'd be amazing! also during boss fights, the stuff that drop to kill the bosses, sometime go out of the frame, and its really annoying, so maybe you could make it bounce back into the main frame. That's all! TRULY A MAGNIFICANT GAME! LOVED IT! 

-Prithvi233, 15-06-2022

I would love a sequel or more levels.

love it

I promoted your game on my site.

It's a super great game! with good gameplay, also how do I full screen ?

Hi, is this going to be a commercial release at some point?

hi, some candies cant be collected ;0

woops sorry nvm, just had to use up all the eggs to get the candies

how do you open the door from level 2?




Can we please have Mac and Linux versions too.

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