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hi, some candies cant be collected ;0

woops sorry nvm, just had to use up all the eggs to get the candies

how do you open the door from level 2?




Can we please have Mac and Linux versions too.

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beat the  game (almost currently fighting bee boss on world 3)


Really fun charming game y'all made! Feels great to play and looks fantastic. Just a heads up, throw egg was "B" for me instead of "X". I was playing the web build so not sure if that was the cause. Great work though! I really enjoyed playing

I love this! I first found it on the level design is spectacular and the sprites are adorable. I wish there were more levels!

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I love your guys' work. What a generous game to offer for free. Thank you so much! I maintain a little blog with free games, and I posted about Stargrove Scramble there today. That's the link above, if you're interested.

I love it :D

im a child playing flash games again combined with the nintendo kid i retroactively wanted to be, 10/10.

11/10 level design (srsly the mini tutorials, pushing the level gimmicks to their limits... awesome)

awesome art, music and sound. honestly im shocked a game like this just sits here for free on itch. awesome work.

Is it just me or is the final boss a large difficulty spike?

imo the last world in general is pretty damn hard so i didnt feel like the boss was a spike

Fair enough and I might just be doing it wrong as well.

What do you mean doing wrong?

Just the way that I am doing the fight, there is probably a better/more efficient way to kill the boss in the third phase

he's pretty easy for me 

try changing up you way of fighting him maybe that's whats wrong 

I really enjoy this game thanks for taking time and effort for it :)

Dunno if you guys even read the comments at all but I just noticed something and this probably happened after you updated the game. 

In the past when I played my save file said "Stargrove Scramble" but I just re-downloaded the game and started over and now the save file says "Tailspin." It looks exactly the same as the Tailspin save though it's still saved in the ngjam folder that Stargrove saves in. Should probably fix that.

can someone tell me the main characters name along with the child they're trying to save?

Where is the door????

keep on going right then climb up the yellow tree, you'll see it it then on the right

Can we have a Mac and Linux version of this game too?

I noticed this game got updated recently with no news as to what was changed. It's alright no need to know that if it's something minor though I wish you guys could have added a way to delete save files.

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ZAMN, this is so cool and cuteee!!, i liked it so much!! is really adorable, i loved the colors and aaaalll <3

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This is so Goo


A fun game because honestly it's nostalgic. If that's not enough, hopefully my video can convince you to play this game :)

Really nice art and game play!

Great job.

A lot like Yoshi's Island. Very smooth gameplay. This is great! Great job on the artwork by the way.

best yoshi fangame i ever played

Very cute and fun! I love how it all has a "paper mario" feel :D

i love this game its kinda like a "SNES" Styles i give it a 10/10 Keep up the good work!


Its great the artwork is really awesome but please have a full screen option


I did a stage 1 run, Love the egg system, Gives me Klonoa vibes when I jump and throw the egg down

I'll try the other levels in due time.

I wish it was longer! or a second game!

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Team Bugulon, you're a gem. Loved the final boss. Super fun, awesome design. Is there a reason the last level is, uh

littered with corpses?

This was instantly a fun experience. Love the art and mechanics. Great job!

Here's my final part of the playthrough! 

Çok İYİ 

Reminds me of Yoshi's Island, with a touch of Kirby's Dreamland. thoroughly enjoyed it!


Here's part 2 of my walkthrough! This time it would be nice to get what to do on the boss though, but overall still fun to play! 

my love this is cool and cute

love the art style

Wow this is cool! Kinda reminds me of Yoshi's Island, and what a creative boss fight too!

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This game is cool. Totally reminds me of Yoshi's Island. The only issue I have is dying and not realizing I had only one hit left. I would be nice to have, as a toggle-able option for those who don't like it, an audio alert of some kind that you are down to your last HP. In my opinion, it's not a game breaking thing to not have the alert. It would just be a good quality of life improvement. I also just noticed there is no way to delete save progress.

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