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very good game, that was yoshi's island

world 2 boss is so hard 

how do I pass world 2 level2


If it’s the part that I had trouble with, you can hold down and throw to jump higher.

oh em gee this was like so cooool!!!!!!!!


i liked the game ;D 
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Can you please delete this?

very nice

So cute!

very cute game

awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this one ^^ High quality on everything, an cute ^^


When you see a platformer game with nice pixel designs, unique mechanics, and good music, you know it's team bugulon's project. :)

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Yoshi eggs/cutscene art    Kirby Character design



I really like the subtle cameo at the end of bee from the bee movie


Very fun and cute platformer that gives me Yoshi's Island vibes. You did an amazing job!


is pretty

cool cool cool very cool


This was great, with some really cool level design and mechanics once you get into worlds two and three! Hope you plan to keep building it out :)

One small point - around the tenth attempt, I started to really wish I could skip the cutscene that plays before the final boss.


Feels so much like kirbys dreamland 3..... love it.

really good game but it's a little bit too easy, you should add hard mode


Super cute, charming, and fun little game! For only being made in 9 days, it's filled with quality. Everything from the movement, mechanics, set-pieces, and bosses are fantastic. I'd honestly love to see a fleshed out, paid version

Great game! It's now featured on's front page.

We've also posted a full playthrough here: 

my son was captured! I will kill my other 500 children to rescue him! I will also kill ramdom citzen for no reason at all, using my sons. I loved this game

Make sure to clean up the evidence~ :


Wonderful game! Great work 👍


This is a great game! I wouldn't mind playing this on my XBOX One via XBOX LIVE!

This reminds me of Super Mario 2 and Yoshi's Adventure.  A bit difficult.


You guys rock! Really amazing platformer! Check my video, this game is featured on my Week's Top 5!

jogo incrível.

perfeito em todos os sentidos.

Awesome platform game. 

omg i love it

the graphics,the music,the characters...


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 Nice game I love this kind of platformer...

Small request... Subscribe to my Channel if you like

 See you soon!

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Just finished world 1 and I love it! Looking forward to playing the rest! 💙


Super cute and charming and fun, as expected. Love the Yoshi's Island vibes. The levels are pretty large and satisfying! Another great product of the all-star team!


Every game you guys put out has so much polish the level select OMG and the fact that the eggs push the dispense button, very good guys


I love your games! Tailspin is my fav.


Wow, this game is fantastic!

Truly excellent work!

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