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the only map i need help with  map  3-1 rouge spark tho. OK? THANKS!!!


its COOL but its kinda difficult for me tho. BUT I LIKE IT.

good game

the game is really cool! it's really enjoyable, one bug that I found, is when you can somehow put the robot too far away, so you just about can't reach it. otherwise, awesome game!!


please make a sequel

i need help 2-5

If it's with the beginning buttons, wait for the first to deactivate before going onto the next.

You then click to the light bulb outfit thingy and jump over the first button. The other two buttons you need to quickly jump on and go to the wire. ( it's pretty much luck)

use the bulb at the end of the wire and fall to the anti-gravity bulb and power it


how do you move on the wire?


Normally it's W,A,S, or D, but the first level is a bit bugged. just download the game.

Thank you, thought I was missing something

how do you beat 2-5 i'm not fast enough

help i can't get past lvl 1

Its because you need to restart the game and go to level 1

I know I fixed it


how plz tell me

refresh the page



Very impressive for a 48-hour game!  More of an action game than puzzle I would say, it was never hard to figure out what you were supposed to do but some of the levels took me a few tries to get the fast mouse movements right.

Oh my god, it's amazing!!! Not sweaty hard, but has a challenge. Perfect puzzle for Xbox Live Arcade. And I love this type of game.

The best puzzel game i have played. But the story isnt good. And it needed more levels.

Need more level and harder puzzle, this is too easy for me

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Crazy sound, effect, music, and graphics. Amazing within 48 hours, hope you guy will develop full version and release

how do you do 3-1



extend the electric orb outside of the movable lightbulb as you walk it through the purple cloud


i would consider this an amazing game on its own, but the fact you made it in 2 days is just crazy,

you even made a fokin boss fight! what the hecc!

just shows the power of a well coordinated team heheee

very nice and good job!

please make the game longer. it was too short imo



aveces las flechas no funciona, me quede atrancado en un nivel por culpa de eso




space doesnt work and ive tried reloading and only clicking on the game


I like the final boss music.

How do u do 2-6

The one that starts you off with the water and two robots? While in the water use WASD to control the water robots so they are on the pressure plates. then go to the nearby light and robot. have the robot with the magnet feet go next to the closed door. there should be a higher up light there. travel through and spam down so you open the second door. then bolt up and into the robot and walk through the doors. go onto the highest ceilng and walk to the right until you see the exit outlet.

Thanks! I just didn't realize that you could move the robots while in the water.

Finished the game! Really fun! Also if you're having trouble playing Refresh your page and then only click on the game NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING ELSE. And if you do then just refresh again. It saves. *Credits to Chells for saying that in the comments just want to say it louder


Can't play :( WASD controls don't work


same : (


Refresh your page and then only click on the game


I didn't understand most of the chalk board instructions, and I had to come here to figure out that you're supposed to control this with the keyboard as well as the mouse.

3-6 is so hard

just avoid the ghost and youll be fine

very awesome game! thank you for making this!

Cool way to combine mouse with keyboard input - although I wonder if this would be better as mouse-only, with e.g. right-clicks sending the spark through wires like WASD do and otherwise moving the robot.


looks like a good game but I can't play it sadly : {  

if you can find a way to make it full screen it would be great


refresh your page and click on only the game.

ok I’ll try it 

great hope it worked.


    controles don't seam to work when ever i press space it just scrolls down


for me too

me to



it works with WASD not with space

refresh your page and click on only the game.

Amazing game! It is really not easy

Level 3-3, to get to the second robot seems to have rather small hit-box to jump to. Is it just me or am I doing it wrong? I was able to get it successfully after trying several times (1/10). I love this game great job!!

Never mind, I think I needed to build enough momentum for the robot to give me just enough reach... Just not sure if that was intended or not.

Awesome game! Really nice and inspiring artwork.


very fun game. I like the art style and puzzle design. level 3-1 is impossible tho. 

if level 3-1 is impossible, then why am i on level 3-3?

Ok so when i got to it, i didnt realize that you can pull the electricity out of the mech and still control it. Also there was multiple other people that got stuck here too. 

Very Good!!

This was so fun, i love it

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