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Disapointment. WASD doesn't work and SPACE scrolls the web page down!


Try restarting the page and not clicking anywhere else

That works

when is the next update, is there going to be a new update?


i have trouble in 2-5 but fun none the les

Best game i ever play. the gameplay is really good. the art style is good.

heck everything in the game I really good. 10/10

in 3-3 S doesnt do something anymore :-(
so cant get past the first move :-(




Great game! Interesting mechanic, enjoyable music, even if it's short. But more important, it's fun to play!

The game was so fun to play i enjoyed it so much :))


i cant movwe

Refresh your page and then only click on the game

k :)



reload the page


Looks absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, the controls don't seem to work for me, I haven't tried downloading the game though.


level 3-1 impossible!!

no es imposible ya me lo pase (saca la electricidad del foco por encima de lo morado)

how is it immposable??


how do I move?????

wasd and if it doesn't work reload the page

refresh your page and click on only the game.



i keep trying to press d to move in the electric ropes and it dosent work, plz help


me too

Deleted 298 days ago

try arrow keys

I hope it helped u

wasd only

Cool game!

how do i acess level editor

plz help me

what level editor?

Pls I beat it twice and can we have static cling 2

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Awesome game! Great job!

Can i be part of Team Bugulon

but i dont have twitter or discord

but i do art


also how do you go through cables

oh wait level three impossible


no it is not


plz join my game jam it has started and i only made the time longer so you could join


Cookie jam 2021.1 -

i love team bugulon, your games makes me happy

Just wow.

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hey anyone else having the bug where sometimes you just wont move edit:on browser

yeah I got that bug too

If you click off screen, you wont be able to move

i never clicked off screen and i cant move

ive tried everything

reload the page, click on the game screen and nothing else and spam wasd

Overall one of the best games! My main complaint is that most levels require meticulous timing to complete, which is a bit annoying. I also couldn't figure out how to fullscreen the game. Jumping with W would've been nice as well. I made it to level 3-3.


Very nice! I love this game!

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Pretty cool game!

Very nice game and fun puzzles, good artstyle and overall feel
Good Work!

whats the font in the credits? i've seen it before in srb2k

Super fun game! :D I love the art style, the music, and the sound effects!

please make a fullscreen version

I accidentally deleted my comment, the fullscreen is in options but it's square and not widescreen


doesn't seem to be functioning

This is awesome! I love the art style, the music, and the puzzles. Please help me on "Among the dead".

love the game cotinue with the good work

I like this game actually, the idea is pretty cool. I would say your goal is to go to the plug using electric current or electricity.

Static Cling (Full Game)

pls help i don´t know how to do the level 2-5 :'(

anyways one of my most favorite games!

Reminds me of Nitrome! Really great job!

lol me too XD

finally a web version

very very fun and amazing game....except that last level super mean and hard lol I still can't beat it

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Someone help me out of Deep Facility please <:'v

Also,nice game.I like it.

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