Swapwood Quest R is a unique block puzzle game with an RPG twist. Combo your enemies and match enough tiles to protect against opposing blows, but make haste, You only have 10 seconds to prepare before your turn ends!


  • 12 Levels of strategic combat against challenging foes,
  • 3 unique worlds to explore,
  • A handful of interesting attacks and spells to learn and harness,
  • A lovingly handcrafted original soundtrack,
  • Charming pixel art graphics.


  • Arrows  or WASD to navigate UI and move the player around the overworld,
  • or Space to swap blocks,
  • or Shift to make the screen scroll faster,
  • ESC  to open the pause menu.

Matching more than 3 tiles will yield an another move for each additional tile, resulting in devastating combos! 


Game design by everyone involved.

Swapwood Quest R was originally created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 51, with the theme "Every 10 seconds".

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(122 total ratings)
AuthorTeam Bugulon
GenrePuzzle, Action
Made withGameMaker
TagsFantasy, Ludum Dare 51, Pixel Art, Tetris
LinksLudum Dare




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i HATE 3-4


Tetris attack


Love this game, le epic

I read a lot of people struggled with 3-2 but for me personally it was 3-3 and especially 3-4


dude made a hard-lock level to make sure scum like me never win

Absolutely love this, ATB combat but with way more intensity

literally just puzzle league

that' why i loooooove it

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Played through the game, very fun. Got some thoughts on the difficulty.
I felt like the dragon was the first level where I really had to plan ahead. I got him after 4 or 5 tries, but I kinda felt like it was RNG. So I tried to beat the dragon again, to see if I could do it consistently.

I've beat it 4 times now and I feel like I figured out the strategy. I think it's not entirely RNG-driven and I could easily do it again now. This tells me the dragon is way harder than the rest of the game, and there ought to be some more levels leading up to it.

I saw a comment that 3-2 felt really hard and I'm inclined to agree. I think it's the combination of needing to dig for special shield blocks by raising the screen, and an enemy attack that adds  a lot of blocks to one column at once. SO ANYWAYS I tried playing that level a bunch too and I was able to not only get consistent at it, but I beat it without taking damage once.

That said, the game is remarkably fair if you practice enough, though I do have some gripes about RNG. Perhaps 10 seconds is slightly to short of a time frame? I'd do some tuning there. Maybe reduce the time per turn if the player chooses Hard mode? My only real complaint about this demo is the difficulty curve, but that's typical of a game jam game. Fantastic game guys!

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Very fun! The last level was a real doozy. I felt that I didn't have to pay attention to the enemy actions at all for every level except the last. If I played fast enough, it just worked out without any real strategy. Only the last level was hard enough that I had to actually follow the rhythm of the enemy and time my moves for maximum impact. And that made it way more fun and satisfying! I wish there were some more levels after with that level of difficulty, so I could implement what I learned in the final fight.


level 1-4 is literally impossible.

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Stage 3-2 was the most annoying, since it's quite hard to keep both a blue and purple shield combo ready constantly.
RNG made me lose a couple times (and I reset a lot at start if I didn't have an instant blue shield combo)

The last stage was definitely really well made. The player's given just enough time to prepare a double shield, and getting rid of the calcined blocks, while being an extra threat, is still not overwhelming.
There's nothing left but to have a bit of attack combos ready at the right time, and here goes.

Really had fun on this lil' game, I personally prefer this level-oriented progression rather than infinite arcade, but such mode could be a good addition if this game has any future plans :D

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puzzle league but RPG

would love to see a sequel


Any chance for this game to be expanded into a full release? I absolutely loved it and kinda wish there were more levels for me to keep playing, or even a high score mode where you just see how many hits you can get on an enemy before you die. Either way, this game is amazing, great job.


For stage 3-3 if you defeat the enemy as they defeat you the game says you lost and you won at the same time.

Really liked to playthrough it and mostly how you combined rpg elements with that style.

Great freaking game! Very enjoyable


Fun game but not gonna lie stage 3-2 & final boss gave me the most problems though I still enjoyed this interesting style of game.

Awesome game, would love to buy a switch version in the future.

very cool,I think the hardest parts of the third world and found the way that I had ignored before in this part,so I felt particularly good when I beaten the game againhttps://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18e4y1m7Ca/?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0

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Puzzle de pon but with RPG elements ? I EAT EAT EAT

Really liked how the last stage was more about setting up your moves for the attack phase during the ennemy defense phases

OMG this game is SO CUTE and it's fun but kicks my butt lol and it's so polished and with so much variability and it's just mind-blowing that this was done in 72 hours, good grief! VERY well done everyone! This is one of my fav entries 馃檶 

- 鉁˙eth

This game is challenging while still being quite fun. I really like how charming the sprite works are and really reminds me of an snes or gba style game. I have not beaten the game yet as I am stuck in stage 3-2. It's very fun but also quite difficult at the same time

I had a really hard time with this game, but it's entirely on me, because the game mechanics are solid. It's a load of fun, especially if you're a fan of Puzzle League games, but man is it tough!

Swapwood Quest's music and graphics remind me of a classic SNES title and it'd definitely have been a favorite back then. Well worth playing! 

I had fun with this and did a video

This was a fun spin on Panel De Pon and classic RPG's

Loved it! A very playable mix of Puzzle League block matching and turn-based RPG, with an attractive 16-bit aesthetic and cute character designs.

The later stages felt difficult/unfair at first, but when I tried memorising the enemy attack patterns and planning ahead by setting up 4/5/more block matches, it became quite tactical and satisfying!

Would pay for more!

I need more of a tutorial to understand how to preempt enemy attacks and how I'm supposed to match so quickly.

This soundtrack is perfect. AND THIS FINAL BOSS >:( 

Is there a way to make the screen scroll when using a controller? Not that I really wanted to force the scroll to go any faster after the first couple of levels, but I just noticed that when playing on an X-box controller there didn't seem to be any button mapped for that.

I spent about 5 minutes on the first tutorial section of the game thinking how much of a pro I am, not realising it was actually a tutorial. Nice game


Cool game! I had a lot of fun playing, though it did get pretty hard even on the first stage (but that's probably because I'm just really bad lol). The graphics are really good and I like the battling aspect mixed with the matching part as well. Nice job!

very cool game ngl, it's the best to not rush your way to victory (like i did), it's much better to wait and make a good combo to win, the soundtrack is nice too. Other than that i wish there were more things to do in this game. 8/10


Super well spin on the genre! And the music is lovely!
If you would continue on this game (and you should), I would like to see combos matter more (4-5, L lines and so on).

And a multiplayer would be sick! 


i love this game would totally pay money for this if it gets a full release

Very interesting idea, with a fantastic aesthetic to boot! However, some of the enemies and their abilities are cheap rather than actually challenging. For instance, on some levels it's impossible to defend from an attack due to a bomb destroying the only shield blocks available (and that's if spawn at all). Usually a few tries would get me through a stage fine, but others just don't allow for the kind of experimentation needed as you have to be on your game from moment one.

The game does do a great job at communicating what is will happen to the player though, each mechanic and obstacle is introduced and explained well. I think with a little tweaking of these mechanics would improve the game exponentially!


As a Puzzle League aficionado, this is a great twist on it! Only took me like 10 minutes to beat, a great length. Would've liked controller support on the web version, but could've just been my setup too.

I've a lot a fun playing this game. Great concept.

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