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i HATE 3-4


Tetris attack


Love this game, le epic

I read a lot of people struggled with 3-2 but for me personally it was 3-3 and especially 3-4


dude made a hard-lock level to make sure scum like me never win

Absolutely love this, ATB combat but with way more intensity

literally just puzzle league

that' why i loooooove it

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Played through the game, very fun. Got some thoughts on the difficulty.
I felt like the dragon was the first level where I really had to plan ahead. I got him after 4 or 5 tries, but I kinda felt like it was RNG. So I tried to beat the dragon again, to see if I could do it consistently.

I've beat it 4 times now and I feel like I figured out the strategy. I think it's not entirely RNG-driven and I could easily do it again now. This tells me the dragon is way harder than the rest of the game, and there ought to be some more levels leading up to it.

I saw a comment that 3-2 felt really hard and I'm inclined to agree. I think it's the combination of needing to dig for special shield blocks by raising the screen, and an enemy attack that adds  a lot of blocks to one column at once. SO ANYWAYS I tried playing that level a bunch too and I was able to not only get consistent at it, but I beat it without taking damage once.

That said, the game is remarkably fair if you practice enough, though I do have some gripes about RNG. Perhaps 10 seconds is slightly to short of a time frame? I'd do some tuning there. Maybe reduce the time per turn if the player chooses Hard mode? My only real complaint about this demo is the difficulty curve, but that's typical of a game jam game. Fantastic game guys!

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Very fun! The last level was a real doozy. I felt that I didn't have to pay attention to the enemy actions at all for every level except the last. If I played fast enough, it just worked out without any real strategy. Only the last level was hard enough that I had to actually follow the rhythm of the enemy and time my moves for maximum impact. And that made it way more fun and satisfying! I wish there were some more levels after with that level of difficulty, so I could implement what I learned in the final fight.


level 1-4 is literally impossible.

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Stage 3-2 was the most annoying, since it's quite hard to keep both a blue and purple shield combo ready constantly.
RNG made me lose a couple times (and I reset a lot at start if I didn't have an instant blue shield combo)

The last stage was definitely really well made. The player's given just enough time to prepare a double shield, and getting rid of the calcined blocks, while being an extra threat, is still not overwhelming.
There's nothing left but to have a bit of attack combos ready at the right time, and here goes.

Really had fun on this lil' game, I personally prefer this level-oriented progression rather than infinite arcade, but such mode could be a good addition if this game has any future plans :D

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