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Loved the core gameplay the art and FX, but didn't understood why I lost at the end.

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Really really fun and well polished. Definitely curious to see how this would do with some more complex variables added to the mix. Music and Spritework is excellent, far above what I would expect in such a small timeframe.

Simple but really well designed.

That last fight was a doozy, lol. Very fun and challenging!

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Really fun game, found it nice and relaxing until the last encounter, yikes!

Would love to see "full" version for sale someday!

Great game! But I hate the enemies that make blocks invisible, it doesnt make the game more challenging, just annoying

Very cool and cute game, it has a creative and well-implemented idea, congratulations to the dev team <3

Pretty original game! Well executed, only the balancing seems a bit off, as said before. I liked it up until the level where the tractor-beam alien was introduced. That is way too hard and seems purely luck-based to be able to win. Haven't been able to after 10 tries. Perhaps I'll try again. But, really like everything else! Well done

Interesting take on the puzzle league formula, for sure!

Though the game does feel a tad bit to easy, despite the enemies adding more twists and ways to mess with you. 


Interesting and fun, however not really balanced well, as a previous person said. The best way is just to mindlessly spam swap and see what happens. Cool concept on paper but not such a great execution. Definitely one of the weaker games you guys have published. Though I look forward to seeing future content.

I love the graphics. Is there a Mac version?


Amazing art, sound and overall presentation. Sadly the most optimal way of playing the game is by mindlessly spamming the swap button all over the screen.

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